German British LC Conference 2017

    Location and Travel

    The conference location is the Würzburg Residence located with its beautiful court gardens in the city centre of Würzburg. Most of the accommodations are in a walking distance to the Residence. The train station (Würzburg Hbf) is only at a walking distance of 1.1 km (15 minutes) to the Residence. There is a large, fee required parking space in front of the Residence.

    Würzburg Residence

    All talks, posters, exhibitions, wine tasting and the conference dinner will take place in buildings belonging to the Residence. The Toscana hall, in which all talks will be given, is accessible for wheelchairs. Free wifi will be provided. 


    (map of central Würzburg with residence, train station, marketplace and many hotels recommended by us)

    Nice places to see and worth staying one or two days more in the area:

    Wilhelm Conrad Röntgen Museum

    Fortress Marienberg

    Käppele Würzburg

    Marcet Place with Marienkapelle


    Travel by airplane

    Würzburg is located in the middle of Germany. There are three regular airports at one to three hours distance by car or train.

    Frankfurt Airport (FRA)


    Frequent connections by train (ICE) directly from the airport to the Würzburg Hauptbahnhof (Würzburg Hbf, train station). Regular connections every hour (duration 90 minutes). For more information see (recommended)


    90 minutes (122 km) by car via motorway A3 (direction Würzburg (to the east))


    Bus tickets have to booked online via the different companies homepages e.g. FlixBus (from Terminal 2 (!!!), Duration 2-2.5 hours); cheapest alternative.

    Nuremberg Airport (NUE)


    Frequent metro connections (U2) from the Airport to the Nuremberg train station (Nürnberg Hbf) where the train has to be changed (ICE) to Würzburg (Duration approx. 70-90 minutes).


    60- 90 minutes (106 km) by car via motorway A3 (direction Würzburg (to the west))


    No direct buses from the Airport.

    Stuttgart Airport (STR)


    Frequent tram connections (S3) to the Stuttgart main station, from where regional trains directly connect Stuttgart with Würzburg (duration approx. 3-4 hours).


    90-120 minutes (165 km) by car via motorway A8/A81/A3 (direction Stuttgart-Heilbronn-Würzburg (to the north))


    The bus terminal offers connections to Würzburg via the listed bus companies.

    The bus tickets have to booked online via the different companies homepages e.g. FlixBus (duration 5-7 hours; several stops in different cities; travel via Frankfurt Airport)

    Frankfurt-Hahn (HHN)

    !!! Frankfurt Hahn Airport is not located in Frankfurt !!!


    There are only bus transfers available either directly to Würzburg (duration 3-6 hours) or bus transfers to the Frankfurt Hbf (duration 2 hours), where an ICE can be taken to Würzburg (duration 1 hour). Tickets can be bought for example via


    3 hours (236 km) by car via motorway B50/A61/A60/A3 (direction Bingen/Mainz-Frankfurt-Aschaffenburg-Würzburg (to the east)).

    Travel by train

    Würzburg main station (Würzburg Hauptbahnhof) is located at the city centre of Würzburg in a walking distance to most of the hotels and the conference location. The main station is well connected either via ICE (Intercity Express) or IC (Intercity) and Regional trains among others to Frankfurt, Nuremberg, Munich, Fulda and Stuttgart. For more information please have a look at the homepage of Deutsche Bahn (

    Travel by car

    Würzburg is located at the crossing of three motorways: A3 east-west connection to Nuremberg and Frankfurt; A81 connection to Stuttgart (south); A7 connection via Fulda to Kassel (north west); A7/A71 connection to Erfurt (north east). Accommodations usually provide cheap parking spaces (please inform yourself when you book your accommodation!!) otherwise there are parking garages available all over the city centre charging about 11 € a day. The residence itself has a parking space for 400 cars (charge: 1.50 /hour maximum 11 €/day). The car can be left for the whole period of the conference at the parking lot.  


    Universität Würzburg
    Sanderring 2
    97070 Würzburg

    Tel.: +49 931 31-0
    Fax: +49 931 31-82600

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