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Faculty of Chemistry and Pharmacy


Bachelor (180 ECTS)

Programme Duration: 6 Semester
Start: Winter Semester
Admission: Restricted
Accepted Applicants per Year: 76 
Programme Language: German

Master (120 ECTS)

Programme Duration: 4 Semester
Start: Winter Semester
Admission: Restricted - Aptitude Screening
Accepted Applicants per Year: Unlimited
Programme Language: English


Programme Overview

  • Biochemistry deals with the molecular basics of life processes and their systematic and quantitative analysis as well as the complex interrelationships at the cellular and molecular level.
  • While the bachelor's programme is in German, the Biochemistry master's programme is primarily in English. 
  • The standard programme duration is 6 semesters for the bachelor's degree and 4 semesters for the master's degree. 
  • Both the bachelor's and master's programmes can only be started in the winter semester. 

Job Prospects

  • Due to the interdisciplinary programme and diverse specialization options, the prospective fields for biochemists are broad. Jobs can be found, for example, in research, analytics, development, production, quality control, sales and administration.
  • Biochemists are primarily employed by academic institutes at universities, research centers, or in the pharmaceutical, medical, and food industries. Positions can also be found in the public sector. 
  • You can find a comprehensive overview of potential jobs and fields on the websites of the GDCh, the GBM or the VBio.


  • Admission to the bachelor programme is currently restricted to 76 new students per year. Further information on the application and admission processes can be found here. [Note: This information is currently only available in German as the bachelor's programme is in German.] 
  • In order to be admitted to the master's programme, you will need to go through an aptitude screening. 
  • For general information related to enroling in and pursuing a degree programme, please contact the Student's Affairs Office
  • A transfer to the biochemistry programme at the University of Würzburg from another university or from another degree programme is possible in all semesters, so long as the maximum capacity of the corresponding semester is not exceeded.

Structure, Objectives and Content

  • The bachelor's programme first provides in-depth knowledge and practical skills in inorganic, organic and physical chemistry as well as the basics of biology, mathematics and physics. Building on this, students acquire the basic theoretical and practical skills of biochemistry, molecular biology and structural biology.
  • In the master's programme, you can choose one of two spezializations: Molecular Life Sciences or Molecular Oncology
  • During the internship semester you can extend and deepen your experimental skills in laboratories of the University of Würzburg or in external research institutions.

Doctoral Studies

  • The majority of master's graduates follow their studies with a doctorate, which is particularly useful if you plan to work in a research-oriented field.
  • The doctoral thesis usually takes three to four years to complete.
  • Outstanding Master's graduates have the opportunity to start a doctorate within the Graduate School of Life Sciences (GSLS) of the University of Würzburg after only three semesters ("fast track"). 
  • Further information on the path to a PhD at our faculty can be found here as well as on the GSLS website.


  • Relevant contact persons for topics such as BAföG, ERASMUS or examination committees can be found under Representatives and Committees.
  • For all topics regarding examinations, please contact the respective examiner or the Examination Office directly.
  • Any questions concerning the organization of your studies can be directed to the biochemistry programme coordinator,  Dr. Georg Polleichtner.