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Faculty of Chemistry and Pharmacy

Procedure Overview


1.             Search supervisor → subject mentoring

2.             Foreign Applicants

2.1            Welcome Guide

2.2           Document check (recognition of foreign academic degree)
                 → Dean’s Office

2.2.1         Nice to have

2.3            for applicants from China/Vietnam/Mongolia:

2.4             Admission of foreign students  → International Office

3.              Acceptance as doctoral student → Office of the Dean

3.1            Academic Degree

3.1.1         degree list
                 (degrees already accepted by the doctoral examination board)

3.2           Informal application for recognition of
                 not registered academic degrees
                 Document check → Office of the Dean

3.3           Copies of documents on presentation of the original:
                 - Higher education entrance qualification
                 - Report with marks of Bachelor's/Master's Academic Degree
                 - Degree Certificates
                 - Confirmation of period of study/Transcript of Records

3.4           Supervisory Agreement

3.5           Acceptance as a doctoral candidate


4.             Enrolment  → Unit 2.2, Student Affairs  → enrolment period

5.             Enrolment certificate → submission Office of the Dean


6.        Informal meeting - subject mentoring

  •  if applicable – update to supervisory agreement
  •  if applicable - application for time extension


7.             Admission relating to doctoral examination

7.1           Submission of documents (place, date, orignial signature)
                 → Office of the Dean → Route Card

7.1.1        Application  (admission to doctoral examination)

7.1.2        10 copies doctoral dissertation
                  printed double-sided (printed reviewed script)
                  tighten binded, no spiral binding!

7.1.3        Statement relating to supervisory agreement

7.1.4        in case of preparation in a cumulative way or cumulative in parts

         form authorship
         (please add into dissertation) form percentages

7.1.5        Affirmation

7.1.6        Copyright Statement

7.1.7        Curriculum Vitae (detailed CV)

7.1.8         7 x list of publications
                  (updated register indicating complete bibliographic data)

7.1.9         good-conduct certificate for authorities (as per § 30 (5) BZRG)

7.1.10      notification sheet - final exams - Unit 2.2 Student Affairs

7.1.11       in case of binational doctoral studies
                  a signed cooperation agreement is needed

8.              Request of assessment of doctoral disseration (Office of the Dean)

9.              Circulation procedure (Office of the Dean)

10.            Organisation of defence incl. room booking (Office of the Dean)


Completion after Defence

11.            University Library

11.1          Upload of doctoral dissertation (OPUS)

11.2          Submission of copies

11.3          if applicable - temporary application for Nonpublication

12.            Submission route card → Office of the Dean

13.            Certificate is issued

14.            Certificate can be collected at the Office of the Dean
                  or received via registered letter with return receipt → Office of the Dean