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Procedure of doctoral studies at the Faculty of Chemistry and Pharmacy

Obtaining a doctorate at the Faculty of Chemistry and Pharamcy you have to follow a prescribed structured process relating to the  Rahmenpromotionsordnung der Universität (central university doctoral degree regulations) and the Promotionsordnung der Fakultät (faculty doctoral degree regulations). For questions about the procedure please contact the Office of the Dean. 

The procedure of doctoral studies is divided in 4 steps:


  • Subject Search
  • Acceptance
  • Enrollment
  • Foreign Applicants
  • External Theses


  • Updating of the Supervisory Agreement (Betreuungsvereinbarung)


  • Thesis Compilation
  • Admission
  • Evaluation
  • Defense


  • Grading
  • Publishing
  • Certificate

Choosing a Subject - Searching a Supervisor - Organising a Mentorship

Choosing a research subject and a mentoring professor would be the first step during the doctoral procedure. You are supposed to seach for a research subject that is in place Search. External implementation is possible.

Whether and how many reserachers will support your doctoral procedure will be committed in consultation with your main supervisor. 1-3 mentors are possible. During the doctoral procedure the mentorship provides professional scientific advice, promotes scientific development and ensures the compliance of the supervision agreement.

Acception as a doctoral student

At the beginning an acception as a doctoral student is necessary. For reviewing the documents in question have to be presented to the office of the Dean:

  1. Academic Degree Certificate
    Degrees already accepted by the doctoral examination board are shown on the  degree list. In case your academic degree isn't already listed, an informal application for recognition of not registered academic degrees has to be sent to the doctoral examination board via the office of the Dean for document checking.             
  2. Copies by presenting the originals:
    Higher education entrance qualification,
    Academic Degree, Degree Certificate, (see 1.)
    Confirmation of period of study/Transcript of Records with marks
  3. Supervisory Agreement
  4. Acceptance (of a doctoral candidate)

Acceptance at the Faculty of Chemistry and Pharmcy will take place as soon as all required documents have been submitted. You will be issued by a written acknowledgement which immediately has to be presented to the Dept. of Student Affairs.


Enrollment is compulsory for doctoral students at the Julius-Maximilians-University of Würzburg (see University Regulations for doctoral studies). Consider the Unit 2.2  Student Affairsprescribed common period for enrollment. Doctoral Studies are treated like a degree programme with open admission. Considering that  all required documents  are needed the confirmation of your acceptance as a doctoral student at the Faculty of Chemistry and Pharmacy issued by the Office of the Dean has to be submittet in addition. 

Please hand in the enrollment certificate as soon as possible to the Office of the Dean.

Special Procedure

Foreign Applicants

Applicants from abroad have to consider special rules for the execution of the procedure.

Foreign applicants' documents have to be checked by the Office of the Dean previously. Following documents have to be submitted (Nice to have):

  • higher education entrance qualification
  • graduate Diploma/Master/Magister Certificate
  • undergraduate Diploma/Bachelor Certificate
  • Transcript of Records Bachelor/Master or other documents that show modules, achievements, ECTS and marks
  • Curriculum Vitae - gap-free
  • list of puplications, shown to the intended supervisor
  • Master Thesis, shown to the intended supervisor

Furthermore applicants from China, Vietnam and Mongolia mentadory need an  APS-Certificate.

To get more information please consider the following websites:

External dissertation preparation, binational doctoral procedure, degree preliminary recognition by conditions

If your thesis shall mainly be done at a external research institution and not at a chair or institute of the Faculty of Chemistry and Pharmacy, the mentorate must consist of 3 persons.  The same applies to processes with preliminary recognition by conditions and binational doctoral procedures. A written information needs to be accomplished within the supervisory agreement . 

For consistent exchange regular meetings between the student and the mentorship should take place during the doctoral process.

In coordination between the student and the mentorship an updating of the supervisory agreement for the adaption of the progress is possible.

Dissertation Authoring

Whenever all research work is done a doctoral thesis according to the doctoral regulations of the Faculty of Chemistry and Pharmacy has to be drawn up:

  • printed manuscript (appropriate quality for duplication not more than format DIN A4, printed double-sided)
  • dissertation has to be submitted in English or German (supervisor's approval)
  • respective applied literature and other sources have to be presented completely
  • text passages regarding external contributions that have been taken up literally have to be indicated
  • the dissertation has to be presented tighten binded (no spiral binding), page numbers have to be indicated
  • an individual designed cover is permitted

Dissertation must content the following items:

  1. Cover sheet
  2. second page with statement of the reviewers and examiners of the defense
  3. Contents List
  4. Introduction
  5. Main Section: representation of research results in monographic or cumulative form or cumulative in parts
  6. Summary in English or German
  7. Bibliography
  8. Dissertation cumulative or cumulative in parts: You have to use the forms created by the Doctoral Committee to show your own parts

Defense Admission

After submission of all required documtens to the Office of the Dean (place, date, original signature) you will get the admission for your doctoral examination (defense). A route card will be handed over that is necessary for further process.

  • Application (Admission for Defense)
  • 10 Copies of Dissertation - printed manuscript  Cover Page
  • Statement Mentorate - relating supervisory statement
  • if Dissertation is cumulative or cumulative in parts:
    Form Authorship
    Form Percentages
  • Affirmation
  • Copyright Statement
  • Curriculum Vitae (detailed)
  • 7 x List of Publications (updated register indicating complete bibliographic data)
  • Good-Conduct Certificate for Authorities - as per § 30 (5) BZRG -
  • Notivication Sheet final exams - Unit 2.2 Student Affairs
  • in case of binational doctoral studies a signed cooperation agreement is needed


For reviewing the Dissertation the Dean makes inquiries concerning the experts' opinion. Process runs from the Office of the Dean.

As soon as the experts' report has been sent to the Office of the Dean circulation (about 3 weeks) will start. It is made available to all Professors of the Faculty of Chemistry and Pharmacy to read your thesis. Information about this period will reach you and your supervisor by e-mail from the Office of the Dean automatically.

Queries rerarding the Dissertation Composition

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