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    Our research is focussed on NMR spectroscopy both in the liquid and solid-state complemented by other techniques such as XRD and quantum chemical calculations.

    With this set of techniques, we aim at studying the structure and interactions of poorly water-soluble drugs within polymer matrices for drug delivery applications. Often, there is a fine balance between a stable transport system and a decrease in desirable properties. Based on a detailed characterization on the molecular level, we search for explanations regarding drug-polymer compatibilities and physico-chemical properties of the formulations, which in turn can help to draft guidelines to rationally select suitable polymer systems for drug delivery applications in the future.

    NMR is particularly powerful to probe short range order, subtle changes in the (packing) arrangement and dynamics of the molecules within these often X-ray amorphous polymer-drug assemblies. For a thorough understanding, we analyse the small guest molecules themselves as well as a series of formulations to improve our understanding of the behaviour of formulations in the solid-state and in solution.