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    Measurement Time & Presentation at the annual 850 MHz Symposium (UK)


    Double purpose visit - in the end fortunately without Brexit

    Arriving before the Brexit and leaving after it was what Marvin and Ann-Christin feared when they planned their trip to the UK 850 MHz National Facility for a double purpose visit.

    While the samples were happily running for the five-day measurement time, the 850 MHz annual symposium 2019 took place on Thursday 28.03.2019. It was a real pleasure to show data from our past two visits and explain how the large increase in resolution upon changing from our 600 MHz setup to the 850 MHz spectrometer helped us gain valuable insights into the arrangement of the cancer drug paclitaxel alone as well as inside of polymeric micelles.

    This was the first time that the data on paclitaxel was presented to a broader audience and we are extremely grateful for the useful questions, comments and suggestions. Without the help of Dinu Iuga at the facility, this would not have been possible. Thank you!

    But all the wonderful time in the UK also meant that we missed Steffi’s final steps towards her bachelor’s thesis. Congratulations, Steffi, from the other side of the channel!