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    Institute of Organic Chemistry

    Prof. Stang Inspires Audience


    With numerous anecdotes and spectacular structures a visibly good humored Peter J. Stang provided for an utterly amusing Siegfried Hünig Lecture 2013

    Prof. Peter J. Stang
    Prof. Stang explaining the structural principles of his polyhedric molecules.

    Lecture Hall B was well filled when Prof. Würthner initiated the Lecture at 4:45 p.m. portraying parallels between Prof. Hünig’s and Prof. Stang’s life careers. When handing over the certificate Prof. Stang quickly got a laugh with an anecdote about his visit to Barack Obama.

    His lecture kept the audience captivated for the entire 60 minutes. It covered innumerous highly symmetrical two- and three-dimensional structures up to the biggest molecule synthesized ever, whose cavity actually offers enough space to include certain enzymes.

    General information about the Siegfried Hünig Lecture.

    By C. Stadler, A. Häfner