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    Prof. Dr. M. Lehmann

    Aparna Prasad

    M. Sc. Aparna Prasad (PhD Student)

    Institut für Organische Chemie

    Am Hubland

    97074 Würzburg

    Phone: coming soon

    Email: aparna.prasad@uni-wuerzburg.de


    Aparna Prasad is from India. She completed her Masters in Madras Christian College (Madras University), with master thesis in Catalytical Chemistry from SRM Research Institute. Currently pursuing her PhD in the group of Dr. Prof. Lehmann on the topic “Low Melting Donor-Acceptor Star Mesogens Based On Phthalocyanine-Oligo(Phenyleneethenylene)-Fullerene Triads – New Filled Mesophases For Potential Photovoltaic Applications”.

    She is a Scholarship holder from ‘Studienstiftung des deutschen Volkes’, Oct 2019.