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Prof. Dr. Müller-Buschbaum

Luminescent and Multifunctional Hybrid Materials

Luminescent Multifunctional Hybrid Materials

Rare earth amides from a high temperature oxidation of rare earth metals with amines as well as rare earth nitriles or amides from a redox free synthesis of rare earth chlorides with dinitriles or amines may have interesting application related aspects. This includes the luminescence of rare earth ions.

In contrast to high temperature phosphors like oxides and nitrides, which are doped with a few percentages of luminescence centres to be efficient, our hybrid materials can evene show luminescence containing 100% luminescence centres. Apparently, the organic part omits energy transfer between Ln centres. Furthermore strong antenna effects are observed, inducing that the organic part is responsible for the excitation process followed by an energy transfer to the Ln ions. The latter are then responsible for the emission process. By doing a host lattice with different luminescence centers we are able to tune the emission of the phosphor.

Coordination polymers and MOFs, or hybrid materials constructed from them, can show multifunctionality by combination of different relevant properties like luminescence, porosity, dielectric properties, phase transitions, conductivity for sensing of adsorbents. This leads to a bunch of possible applications for sensing of molecules, energy conversion, dielectric properties etc. The large variability of metal an ligand combinations is the base for novel materials and new combinations of properties.