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    Dr. C. Lichtenberg



    42.   J. Ramler, I. Krummenacher, C. Lichtenberg*
             Chem. Eur. J. 2020, DOI: 10.1002/chem.202002219.
             Well-defined, molecular bismuth compounds:
          catalysts in photochemically-induced radical dehydrocoupling reactions

    41.   J. Ramler, K. Radacki, J. Abbenseth,* C. Lichtenberg*
             Dalton Trans. 2020, 49, 9024-9034.
             Combined experimental and theoretical studies
          towards mutual Osmium–Bismuth donor/acceptor bonding

    40.   D. P. Mukhopadhyay, D. Schleier, S. Wirsing, J. Ramler, D. Kaiser, E. Reusch, P. Hemberger,
             T. Preitschopf, I. Krummenacher, B. Engels,* I. Fischer,* C. Lichtenberg*
             Chem. Sci. 2020, 11, 7562-7568.
             Methylbismuth: an Organometallic Bismuthinidene Biradical

             Highlighted on the "front cover"
             Highlighted in the "HOT article collection 2020"
             Highlighted in "Chemistry Views"
             Highlighted in: "Notizen aus der Chemie", Nachr. Chem. 2020, 68 (Sept), 54.

    39.   J. Ramler, C. Lichtenberg*
             Chem. Eur. J. 2020, 26, 10250-10258.
             Molecular Bismuth Cations: Assessment of Soft Lewis Acidity

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             Highlighted as a "very important paper"

    38.   A. Hanft, C. Lichtenberg*
             Z. Kristallogr. NCS 2020, 235, 963-966.
             Dimerization of 2-[(2-((2-Aminophenyl)thio)phenyl)amino]-cyclohepta-2,4,6-trien-1-one
          through Hydrogen Bonding

    37.   C. Lichtenberg*
             Chem. Eur. J. 2020, 26, 9674-9687.
             Main Group Metal Complexes in Selective Bond Formations through Radical Pathways
             (review article)

             Highlighted by the Editorial Office in the Showcase  for outstanding review-type articles

    36.   J. Ramler, K. Hofmann, C. Lichtenberg*
            Inorg. Chem. 2020, 59, 3367-3376.    
            Neutral and Cationic Bismuth Compounds:
         Structure, Hetero-Aromaticity, and Lewis Acidity of Bismepines

             Highlighted by a "cover feature"


    35.   J. Ramler, I. Krummenacher, C. Lichtenberg*
            Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 2019, 58, 12924-12929.    
            Bismuth Compounds in Radical Catalysis: Transition Metal Bismuthanes
           Facilitate Thermally-Induced Cyclo-Isomerizations

    34.   A. Hanft, I. Krummenacher, C. Lichtenberg*
            Chem. Eur. J. 2019, 25, 11883-11891.    
            Alkali Metal Aminotroponiminates: Selectivities and Equilibria
         in Reversible Radical Coupling of Delocalized π-Electron Systems

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    33.   J. Ramler, J. Poater, F. Hirsch, B. Ritschel, I. Fischer, F. M. Bickelhaupt,* C. Lichtenberg*
            Chem. Sci. 2019, 10, 4169-4176.
            Carbon Monoxide Insertion at a Heavy p-Block Element:
          Unprecedented Formation of a Cationic Bismuth Carbamoyl

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             Highlighted in "HOT article collection 2019"
             Highlighted in "Chemistry World"
             Highlighted in: "Trendberichte 2019: Anorganische Chemie",
             C. Hering-Junghans, C. Sindlinger, Nachr. Chem. 2020, 68, 50-64.


    32.   A. Hanft, C. Lichtenberg*
            Eur. J. Inorg. Chem. 2018, 3361-3373.    
             New Perspectives for Aminotroponiminates: Coordination
          Chemistry, Redox Behavior, Cooperativity, and Catalysis

              (review arcticle)

               Highlighted as a "very important paper"

    31.   B. Ritschel, C. Lichtenberg*
            Synlett 2018, 29, 2213-2217.  
             Cationic Bismuth Compounds in Organic Synthesis and Catalysis:
           New Prospects for CH Activation

            Coverselected for the cover picture of this Synlett issue

    30.   A. Hanft, C. Lichtenberg*
            Organometallics 2018, 37, 1781-1787.    
             Rationalizing the Effect of Ligand Substitution Patterns
            on Coordination and Reactivity of Alkali Metal Aminotroponiminates

    29.   A. Hanft, M. Jürgensen, R. Bertermann, C. Lichtenberg*
            ChemCatChem 2018, 10, 4018-4027.
            Sodium Aminotroponiminates: Ligand-Induced Disproportionation,
            Mixed-Metal Compounds, and Exceptional Activity in Polymerization Catalysis

    28.   A. Hanft, C. Lichtenberg*
            Dalton Trans. 2018, 47, 10578-10589.  
            Aminotroponiminates: ligand-centred, reversible redox events
          under oxidative conditions in sodium and bismuth complexes

    27.   B. Ritschel, J. Poater, H. Dengel, F. M. Bickelhaupt,* C. Lichtenberg*
            Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 2018, 57, 3825-3829.
            Double CH Activation of a Masked Cationic Bismuth Amide

            Highlighted in: "Trendberichte 2018: Anorganische Chemie",
            C. Hering-Junghans, C. Sindlinger, Nachr. Chem. 2019, 67, 46-64.


    26.   H. Braunschweig*, I. Krummenacher, C. Lichtenberg, J. D. Mattock, M. Schäfer, U.
            Schmidt, C. Schneider, T. Steffenhagen, S. Ullrich, A. Vargas
            Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 2017, 56, 889-892.
            Dibora[2]ferrocenophane: A Carbene-Stabilized Diborene
            in a Strained cis-Configuration


    25.   H. Dengel, C. Lichtenberg*
            Chem. Eur. J. 2016, 22, 18465-18475.
            Cationic Bismuth Amides: Accessibility, Structure, and Reactivity

    24.   C. Lichtenberg*, I. Krummenacher
            Chem. Commun. 2016, 52, 10044-10047.
            Aminotroponiminates as tunable, redox-active ligands: reversible single
            electron transfer and reductive dimerisation

    23.   C. Lichtenberg*
            Organometallics 2016, 35, 894-902.
            Aminotroponiminates: Alkali Metal Compounds Reveal Unprecedented
            Coordination Modes

    22.   C. Lichtenberg*
            Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 2016, 55, 484-486.
            Well-Defined, Mononuclear BiI and BiII Compounds: Towards Transition-
            Metal-Like Behavior

    2015-2014 (Work with Prof. H. Grützmacher)

    21.   C. Lichtenberg, J. Bloch, T. L. Gianetti, T. Büttner, J. Geier, H. Grützmacher*
            Dalton Trans. 2015, 44, 20056-20066.
            Diolefins with an Ether/Thioether Functionality as Potentially Hemilabile Ligands in
            the Coordination Sphere of Ni and Rh

    20.   C. Lichtenberg*, M. Adelhardt, T. L. Gianetti, K. Meyer, B. de Bruin, H. Grützmacher*
            ACS Catal. 2015, 5, 6230-6240.
            Low-Valent Iron Mono-Diazadiene Compounds: Electronic Structure and Catalytic
    19.   C. Lichtenberg*, D. E. Prokopchuk, M. Adelhardt, L. Viciu, K. Meyer, H.
            Chem. Eur. J. 2015, 21, 15797-15805.
            Reactivity of an All-Ferrous Iron-Nitrogen Heterocubane under Reductive and
            Oxidative Conditions
    18.   C. Lichtenberg*, I. Garcia Rubio, L. Viciu, M. Adelhardt, K. Meyer, G. Jeschke, H.
            Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 2015, 54, 13012-13017.
            A Low-Valent Iron Imido Heterocubane Cluster: Reversible Electron Transfer and
            Catalysis of Selective C-C couplings
    17.   C. Lichtenberg*, L. Viciu, M. Vogt, R. E. Rodríguez-Lugo, M. Adelhardt, J. Sutter, M.
            M. Khusniyarov,  K. Meyer, B. de Bruin, E. Bill, H. Grützmacher*
            Chem. Commun. 2015, 51, 13890-13893.
            Low-valent iron: an Fe(I) ate compound as a building block for a linear trinuclear Fe
            Highlighted by back cover picture.
            Highlighted in: Chimia 2015, 12, 805.
    16.   C. Lichtenberg*, M. Adelhardt, M. Wörle, T. Büttner, K. Meyer, H. Grützmacher*
            Organometallics 2015, 34, 3079-3089.
            Mono- and Dinuclear Neutral and Cationic Iron(II) Compounds Supported by an
            Amidinato-diolefin Ligand: Characterization and Catalytic Application
    15.   C. Lichtenberg*, L. Viciu, M. Adelhardt, J. Sutter, K. Meyer, B. de Bruin*, H.
            Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 2015, 54, 5766-5771.
            Low-Valent Iron(I) Amido Olefin Complexes as Promotors for Dehydrogenation
            Highlighted in: "Trendberichte 2015: Anorganische Molekülchemie, T. Böttcher,
            R. Kretschmer, Nachr. Chem. 2016, 64, 217-232.

    2013-2010 (Work with Prof. J. Okuda)

    14.   C. Lichtenberg, J. Okuda*
            Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 2013, 52, 5228-5246.
            Structurally Defined Allyl Compounds of Main Group Metals: Coordination and
    13.   C. Lichtenberg, T. P. Spaniol, I. Peckermann, T. P. Hanusa*, J. Okuda*
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            Cationic, Neutral, and Anionic Allyl Magnesium Compounds: Unprecedented Ligand
            Conformations and Reactivity toward Unsaturated Hydrocarbons
            Hervorgehoben in: "Trendberichte 2013: Anorganische Molekülchemie", R. C.
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            The Bis(allyl)bismuth Cation: A New Reagent for Direct Allyl Transfer by Lewis Acid
            Activation and Controlled Radical Polymerization
    11.   C. Lichtenberg, T. P. Spaniol, J. Okuda*
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            Dimerization of the Allylzinc Cation: Selective Coupling of Allyl Anions in a Metallo-
    10.   C. Lichtenberg, J. Engel, T. P. Spaniol, U. Englert, G. Raabe, J. Okuda*
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            Bis(allyl)zinc Revisited: Sigma versus Pi Bonding of Allyl Coordination
    9.     C. Lichtenberg, T. P. Spaniol, L. Perrin, L. Maron*, J. Okuda*
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            Reversible 1,4-Insertion of Pyridine Into A Highly Polar Metal Carbon Bond:
            Effect of the Second Metal
    8.     C. Lichtenberg, T. P. Spaniol, J. Okuda*
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            Bis(allyl)gallium Cation, Tris(allyl)gallium, and Tetrakis(allyl)gallate: Synthesis,
            Characterization, and Reactivity
    7.     C. Lichtenberg, T. P. Spaniol, J. Okuda*
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            Reactivity of Tris(allyl)aluminum toward Pyridine:
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            Hervorgehoben in: "Trendberichte 2011: Anorganische Molekülchemie", R. C.
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    5.     C. Lichtenberg, D. Robert, T. P. Spaniol, J. Okuda*
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            Bis(allyl)aluminum Cation, Tris(allyl)aluminum, and Tetrakis(allyl)aluminate:
            Synthesis, Characterization, and Reactivity

    2010 (Work with Prof. J. Sundermeyer)

    4.     F. G. Schröder, C. Lichtenberg, M. Elfferding, J. Sundermeyer*
            Organometallics 2013, 32, 5082-8091.
            Deprotonated P-ylides As Templates for Novel Cyclopentadienyl Phosphonioalkyl, 
            alkylidene, and -alkylidyne (CpPC) Constrained-Geometry Complexes
    3.     C. Lichtenberg, N. S. Hillesheim, M. Elfferding, B. Oelkers, J. Sundermeyer*
            Organometallics 2012, 31, 4259-4266.
            New Lithium Phosphonium Diylides: A Methylene and a Cyclopentadienyl Moiety as
            Ylidic Coordination Sites
    2.     C. Lichtenberg, M. Elfferding, L. Finger, J. Sundermeyer*
            J. Organomet. Chem. 2010, 695, 2000-2006.
            Investigation of Novel and Reinvestigation of Known Cyclopentadienylphosphanes:
            News on [1,5] Sigmatropic Rearrangements
    1.     C. Lichtenberg, M. Elfferding, J. Sundermeyer*
            Eur. J. Inorg. Chem. 2010, 2010, 3117-3124.
            Unexpected Oxidative Dimerisations of a Cyclopentadienyl-Phosphane -
            Formation of Unprecedented, Structurally Remarkable Phosphacyclic Compounds

    Other Publications

    4.    C. Lichtenberg
           Nachr. Chem. 2019, 67, 61-65.
           Mein Lieblingselement: Bismut

    3.    A. Hanft, C. Lichtenberg
           Nachr. Chem. 2018, 66, 557.
           Regionaltreffen der FCI-Stipendiaten in Frankfurt

    2.    C. Lichtenberg, M. van Gemmeren
           Nachr. Chem. 2017, 65, 939.
           20. Steinheimer Gespräche - diesmal in Wiesbaden

    1.    P. Jochmann, C. Lichtenberg
           Nachr. Chem. 2010, 58, 1175.
           Deutsch-japanische Kooperation in der Katalyse