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    Dr. C. Lichtenberg

    Open Positions

    Motivated and dedicated students interested in synthetic chemistry are always welcome to inquire for open positions.

    In this group you can develop your skills in the following topics: synthetic chemistry with inert gas techniques, planning of synthesis, handling of light- and temperature-sensitive compounds, working with gases and liquefied gases, standard-, 2D-, and heteronuclear NMR spectroscopy, single crystal X-ray analysis, electrochemical analyses, catalytic studies.


    You can join our group for your:

    • Bachelor Thesis
    • Practical Course as a part of your studies (M. Sc. in chemistry)
      ("Fortgeschrittenes Anorganisches Praktikum" and
       "Praktikum Homogenkatalyse in der Anorganischen Chemie")
    • Master Thesis
    • Ph.D. Thesis

    Please contact Dr. Crispin Lichtenberg for further information.


    Currently, there are no open positions for postdoctoral fellows. If your CV allows to apply for a certain postdoctoral fellowship and you would like to pursue this chance, we would be happy to support this process.