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    Dr. C. Lichtenberg


    Welcome to the Lichtenberg Group


    Priv.-Doz. Dr. Crispin Lichtenberg
    Institute of Inorganic Chemistry
    Am Hubland
    97074 Würzburg
    Room 02.027
    Lab    02.004

    Email: crispin.lichtenberg@uni-wuerzburg.de
    Tel.:  +49 931 31-88257


    09/2020: The contributions of the group to the reviewing process in Inorganic Chemistry
                      are highly appreciated - we are happy to contribute to the scientific discussions
                      in this excellent journal in the field of inorganic chemistry!

    08/2020: Our research will be supported through a ERC starting grant - well done, everyone!

    08/2020: Jacqueline's paper in Chem Eur. J. describing the assessemnt of soft
                      Lewis acidity is highlighted by a "cover feature" - congratulations!

    07/2020: Our cooperative research with the Engels and the Fischer group on the
                      low-valent, organometallic biradical methylbismuth (BiMe) is highlighted on
                      the front cover. A big thanks goes to Jana Hemberger for her crucial
                      contributions! The work is also part of the  "2020 hot article collection"
                      and was highlighted in "Chemistry Views".

    07/2020: Jacqueline's contribution in Chem. Eur. J. on the assessment of
                      soft Lewis acidity (with a focus on bismuth cations) is highlighted as a
                      "very important paper". Congratulations!

    07/2020: Florian joins the group for his research internship. Welcome and good luck!

    06/2020: Jacqueline's manuscript on bismuth-catalyzed photo-dehydydrocoupling reactions
                      is accpeted for publication in  Chem. Eur. J. - congratulations!

    06/2020: Our manuscript resulting from Jacquelines' cooperation with Josh about mutual
                     Osmium-Bismuth donor/acceptor interactions is accepted for publication in
                     Dalton Trans. - congratulations!

    06/2020: Our manuscript resulting from a collaborative research effort with the Fischer and
                      the Engels group reports the generation and characterization of methylbismuth, a
                      short-lived organometallic biradical. It has just been accepted for publication in
                      Chem. Sci.  - congratulations to everyone involved!

    05/2020: Malte re-joins the group for his PhD thesis - welcome back and good luck!

    05/2020: Jacqueline's work on the evaluation of bismuth cations as exceptionally
                      soft Lewis acids according to the HSAB principle is accepted for
                      publication in Chem. Eur. J. - congratulations!

    05/2020: Anna's work on the dimerization of an ATI precursor through
                      hydrogen bonding is accepted for publication in Z. Kristallogr. - NCS.

    05/2020: The group receives the Chemiedozentenpreis awarded by the Fonds
                      der Chemischen Industrie. Well done!

    03/2020: Malte hands in his Master Thesis. Congratulations!

    03/2020: The scientific output of the group is acknowledged with the ADUC Prize 2020 
                      of the association of German chemistry professors. Well done, everyone!

    03/2020: Jacqueline's und Klaus' paper in Inorg. Chem. is highlighted by a
                      "cover feature". Congratulations!
                      A closer look reveals that their work is also featured on another cover picture
                      einem weiteren cover picture of the journal!

    03/2020: Felix starts his practical course in our group. Welcome back!

    02/2020: Leonie joins the group for a research internship.
                      A warm welcome and good luck!

    02/2020: Check out our recent review article on main group metal complexes
                      in controlled radical reactions! Chem. Eur. J.

    01/2020: Nele hands in her Bachelor thesis - congratulations!

    01/2020: Patrick joins the group for a practical course. Welcome!