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    Prof. Dr. W. A. Schenk

    Arsenic Chemistry

    Arsenic Chemistry

    Cheletropic reactions are often used as a source of small, highly reactive molecules. We have synthesized a variety of 3-arsolenes from butenediyl-zirconocene and AsCl3 or RAsCl2 [47, 64]. Nucleophilic substitution at arsenic provided a number of derivatives with As-H, As-Hal, As-O, As-S, As-N, As-As, and As-C bonds [64].

    Flash vacuum pyrolysis of 1-phenylarsolenes produces phenylarsinidene which was trapped by [4+1]-cycloaddition to dienes [63].

    Further work in this field was concerned with transition metal complexes of arsolenes [64] and the closely related arsoles [65].