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Simple solution-phase syntheses of tetrahalodiboranes(4) and their labile dimethylsulfide adducts

Authors: Merle Arrowsmith, Julian Böhnke, Holger Braunschweig,* Andrea Deißenberger, Rian D. Dewhurst, William C. Ewing, Christian Hörl, Jan Mies, Jonas H. Muessig

Abstract: Convenient solution-phase syntheses of tetrahalodiboranes(4) B2F4, B2Cl4 and B2I4 are presented herein from common precursor B2Br4. In addition, the dimethylsulfide adducts B2Cl4(SMe2)2 and B2Br4(SMe2)2 are conveniently prepared in one-step gram and multigram scale syntheses from the commercially-available starting material B2(NMe2)4. The results provide simple access to the full range of tetrahalodiboranes(4) for the exploration of their untapped synthetic potential.


By Dr. Rian Dewhurst