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    Didaktik der Chemie

    Experiment suitcase

    The available manual is conceived as support material for an experiment suitcase developed by us, which is designed for the usage in developing countries. Because of this, the manner of the practical realization of the experiments is basically characterized by pragmatic arguments.

    Although all experiments, both by us and by students on-site, have been performed successfully, there is no guarantee that every try succeeds at one go. Surely the text needs some supplements regarding dumping and lab security in the respective installation country and an adaption to the respective local conditions.

    The concern of the acquired experiments is primarily not to be conductive as an internship for a technical highly specialized training. Instead of this, the experiments should enable a scientific approach for answering chemically oriented issues under infrastructural difficult conditions. For this a preferably easy and tough experimental device has been set in and developed. Comparable chemical-didactic rudiments can be found in: H.-D. Barke und G. Harsch, Nachrichten aus der Chemie 58/10 (2010), 1022.

    The experiment suitcase in use at the University of Herat: