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Faculty of Chemistry and Pharmacy

Faculty board

Faculty board

Representatives of the faculty management

Brixner Tobias
Prof. Dr.
Höbartner Claudia
Prof. Dr.
Vice Dean
Finze Maik
Prof. Dr.
Vice Dean
Fischer Ingo
Prof. Dr.
Dean of Studies

Representatives of the professors

Fischer Utz
Prof. Dr.
Lambert Christoph
Prof. Dr.
Meinel Lorenz
Prof. Dr. Dr.
Lehmann Matthias
Prof. Dr.
Mitric Roland
Prof. Dr.

Radius Udo
Prof. Dr.


Representatives of the research associates

Ledermann Alfons
Hensen Matthias
 AR Dr.

Representatives of the students

Paul Bachmann
stud. cand. Chemie
Gischas Leonie
stud. cand. Pharmazie

Women's Representative

Lehmann Leane
Prof. Dr.

Representative of the other employees

Adelmann Juliane